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Polydress® SolaWrap

Polydress® SolaWrap, enables energy capture by allowing light energy to pass through the system while scattering the light energy so as to eliminate burn spots and shadowing within the structure.  The unique triple-layered system encloses air burls or pockets of air which act as light ray diffusers.  The diffused sunlight scatters more evenly than does direct sunlight as it passes through traditional structure films and materials.  SolaWrap allows 83% of sunlight to both pass through and scatter through the triple polyethylene layers and air burls, enabling sunlight energy to reach the lower parts of plants.

“Keder” refers to the beading, or thick cylinder of plastic on the edge of the polyethylene.  This allows the SolaWrap to easily slide through an extrusion, or locking channel system.  The strength that this system achieves can withstand  112 mph winds without any loosening or tearing.

The self-contained air burls not only allow for the diffusion of light energy, but they also create an air-supported insulating effect while side-stepping the cost of operating an inflation system 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.  The insulating effect of the air burls is enhanced by the composition of the triple-layer polyethylene system.  SolaWrap is composed of more than 16 mil worth of polyethylene, compared to the traditional 4-6 mil thickness of one wall of the double layer inflation system.  It’s outward-facing side polyethylene layer is composed of 8.6 mil worth of material! SolaWrap couples the outer 8.6 mil wall with an air burl of 5 mil, and an inner wall of 3 mil, totaling more than 16 mil worth of highly durable polyethylene.  The energy savings generated by the SolaWrap™ system is evidenced by a R-Value of 1.72 .  High thermal resistivity lends itself to a more easily managed and maintained internal ambient temperature.  This also means that the expense of heating or cooling a structure’s system is drastically reduced due to the drastic increase of temperature control.


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